Club Officers and Committee Members for 2020/2021

The following club members have been formally appointed at the 2021 AGM as Club Officers and Committee Members for the next 12 months.

I moved from rugby to cycling and then into triathlon following one too many injuries. Along with my wife, Carla, I’ve been a member of the club for 7 years and love the welcoming atmosphere, whatever your aims. I like where the sport takes you and don’t have a favourite discipline; it’s too difficult to choose when you have to try and compare a Mediterranean sunrise swim, to cycling through Galway, to the challenge of running (crawling) up Ben Nevis.

One thing that does make it special is being able to race alongside or cheer on members of the Tribe. The Club on Tour events have been particular highlights. 

Aims for this year: Get back to racing!  Finally, complete IM Vitoria-Gasteiz and IM Wales after last year’s enforced rest.


I am passionate about the club and the magnificent friendships that have resulted from being a member. I am a supporter of everyone at every level on whatever event. Usually found zooming around on my bike supporting / heckling club-mates at races, my training can only be described as spontaneous with little time for detailed plans.

Whilst not the biggest fan of running, I will do what it takes to perform on the day… I have even been known to dress up as a woman and don my trainers in order to get a better time! (Further explanations will require the purchase of a drink.)

Aims for this year: After completing my first 70.3 IRONMAN at Weymouth, I’d like to return and achieve a PB. The aim is to get a PB at Weymouth, aiming for a full Iron distance.

I am the club treasurer and Lead Officer for the club sea swimming sessions. I also arrange regular bike trips out for club members on the less hectic roads of Hampshire and West Sussex I have been a club member since 2013 and have participated in numerous multi-sport events since my youth.

I believe I may hold the club record (3) for DNF’s (Did Not Finish) including one memorable ending at the 2017 Portsmouth Triathlon where I only lasted around 200 metres on the swim leg after getting a bad cramp and needing an impressive rescue from a speedboat. I enjoy all elements of triathlon and hope my extensive race experience will counter my now diminishing physical condition, as it’s all in the mind guys.  

Aims for this year: Complete my first and last marathon and to spend less time in transition.

After many years enjoying travelling and driving Land Rovers I decided I needed to get active and healthy. In 2017 I was worried about running a 5km but in 2020 with support from the club and my amazing partner, I have gathered the bling and completed a Standard distance Tri and my 3rd half marathon. I find training gets my head out of work and into nature, life around me and meeting some great people through the club.

I’m a Nana to 4 grandchildren, super veteran, tail end Tri-er (aka party at the back) and club secretary. I have met some amazing people through the club and look forward to meeting many more as we emerge from lockdown and get to meet up and eat cake at No 14. 

I am a personal trainer and events director bringing lots of knowledge to the team. Highest athletic point, 2007 completing 3 marathons in two weeks, Amsterdam, Dublin and New York.

In the summer months can mostly be found in a kayak or on a golf course

Aims for this year: Continue to be retired from marathons, avoid injury and enjoy life to the full.

I started Triathlon three years ago just before my 50th birthday on a whim, my background is horses and mountain biking, since then I have competed in Sprint, Standard and middle distance races.

I became a Level Two Triathlon coach earlier this year, I am completely hooked. A whim has turned into a way of life and a wonderful life it is proving to be.

Aims for next year: Now that “Portsmouth Tri-ing the Channel Again” (5 Tri club members) completed their Channel Swim Relay challenge (6th July 2019) in 13 hours 49 mins, I am planning to compete at Weymouth 70.3 in September.

I am also working to complete my BTF Level 2 – 1:1 Diploma.

I am Lou (only Louise when I am I trouble) a full time working mum, owner of two Staffordshire bull terriers and two cats and a patient husband. I’m a lover of life and all things fabulous.

I decided to do my first Tri in 2014 before I was 45, I couldn’t swim properly so I took swimming lessons and joined Portsmouth Triathletes and the rest they say is history!

The swim is my weakest discipline other two I scrape by its all about being in the moment and pushing your own boundaries and enjoying it. Work hard to play hard.

Aims for this year: My challenge for 2018 is to complete Weymouth 70.3 my first Ironman event.

Social Secretary

I am Portuguese and have been living in the UK for thirty years, I have just moved to Southsea after living in the Cotswolds and London. My past were horses where I was social secretary and then membership secretary for the Lusitano Breed Society for a few years.

Before I moved here I was part of the team Trimax for two years in Gloucestershire. I helped the running of Triathlons, Gloucester Marathon, Trail runs and Mud Runs. I was a member of the Gloucestershire Tri Team, Passion Fit and Kingsway Running club.

I am a newbie to running as I was told that I would never be able to run and only started in 2015. I was swimming at that time, so when I started helping at Trimax I thought I could give that a go … so I did a few Sprint Triathlons, Half Marathons amongst many other runs, I did the Olympic distance Forest of Dean Triathlon. Over here I did Goodwood Duathlon, Half Distance swim with Tribal and the half of the Coastal Marathon.  I have been recovering from an injury that has taken too long and just started to run and swim again. I hope to get back into it again and to do a Triathlon when possible.

I am really enjoying being part of such a friendly Club that is the Portsmouth Tri Club and all the lovely members and coaches.

I am the Portsmouth Triathletes Club Welfare Officer. This role deals with the safeguarding and welfare aspects in the club triathlon activities. It is primarily around juniors and vulnerable adults but the scope covers all members and coaches whether competing, training or participating in club events/outside events.

Since April 2020 I have also been the Covid-19 Officer (CO) being the focal point in the club for communications, issues and risks during the current pandemic.

I am a qualified Lifeguard (updated 2021), British Triathlon Official, British Triathlon activator and I am planning to become a level 1 coach when circumstances allow.

I am still competing and have events planned in 2021 including Eastbourne and the Bournemouth Pier to Pier.

For my sins I also edit and publish the monthly Newsletter.

I am a working mum of 12 year old twins, originally from the South West, but have been in Portsmouth for nearly 20 years. I fit my training in and around my family life and find rest days of any description very challenging! I have been taking part in multi-sport events since 2014 when my husband challenged me to complete a Triathlon. I love the bike, hate the run.

Aims for this year:
2019 I’m consolidating 70.3 and thinking about branching out on the bike…

I am a late arriver to triathlon and running. 2 and a half years ago, I was 5 stone heavier and not able to run much beyond the end of the road.

This year, I have completed my first marathon, my first 2 Olympic distance Tris, my 100th Park Run and my first ultra-marathon.

I view myself as a pretty good runner (getting worse the longer the distance), a middle of the road swimmer and a truly terrible cyclist… Triathlon is definitely the right sport for me!

Aims for this year: Complete my first Ironman – Vichy 2019
and learn to like core work (or at least do some).

I started my sporting career on a completely different path, competing internationally in Shotokan Karate. When I retired from competition, I was always looking for something to give me that competitive edge back. I started cycling and then took up swimming again, wanting to be one of those people that could do continual lengths of front crawl up and down the pool! (Little did I know I would end up doing the same thing in the sea!)

It didn’t take long after that for me to find the world of triathlon (Even though I hate running!). I joined Portsmouth Triathletes in March 2018, completed my first Go Tri in April and I haven’t looked back, I am hooked! I have since completed in Sprint and Olympic Distances and my first 70.3 Ironman in Vichy.

Being a member of this club has been a breath of fresh air, the support and friendship have been amazing and I now have something to focus my competitive spirit into, with lots of socialising and cake too … bonus!

Aims for this year:
Getting back to racing at last! I am looking forward to completing my first 50km run at the Serpent Trail and training ready for Ironman Bolton 2022!