Spring Duathlon at Goodwood 2018

Due to work I’d never managed to make it to this event so was delighted it fell on a day off this time around.And what a great event it was.

I was both volunteering and racing throughout the day so got to see it from both sides of the fence but either either way around I felt very proud to be part of the the club and part of the event.

The weather was pretty foul throughout but you would never have known. Spirits were high even at 6am and the positive can do attitude continued throughout the day.

There were many first timers both in the children’s and the adults fields and I really hope and believe that they had a great experience and will have seen how amazing and all inclusive the Portsmouth triathlon community is. For someone who finds children terrifying, I loved helping with the Tri-stars. It’s fantastic to see them enjoying the challenge and it was great for them to have so much support throughout all their events.

From a personal point of view in contrast to 2 weeks ago I had a great race.I’ve been struggling with knock-on affects from my broken rib (full update in next blog) but my (often missing) run legs turned up and this week I felt great. As a result I unusually chose to keep it steady on the bike and back my run for the last leg. It worked a treat and I was able to keep it strong and controlled during the second run. Dare I say it I may have even enjoy the run!

With so much amazing support both around the course and in the finish area, finishing as first female at our home race was a very proud moment and one I won’t forget. From those racing and supporting but especially those volunteering for hours in the rain, the passion, enthusiasm and support never dwindled until long after the final finisher crossed the line.

While I don’t live in Portsmouth any more it’s days like Sunday that make so me proud to be part of the club and everything it stands for. Well done Pompey Tri!


Kelly Stokes (Goodwood Woman’s Long Course Champion)