Nicky Taylor

About You: 

I live in Waterlooville with my husband Sean and Daughter Hannah . I am new to triathlons, I am a member of Portsmouth Joggers and have been for about 5 years now, completed 10 marathons and 3 ultras plus various other races, I am a plodder same speed for everything.

Last year after a few injuries I lost my mo-jo and was not sure what to do, Neil, Sean’s business partner said do an Ironman ( he completed Bolton 2016) and I said I can’t swim and not good on a bike , his answer was well  then you better get training . We entered Weymouth 70.3. I went to the pool after christmas and started a swim class , I hated it, did not like my face in the water, but I kept going and by Feb I could swim 40 lengths not pretty but it was getting there. In February Sean took me down to cycle world and I got my bike , this was the funny part, my dad bless him came over and held the bike behind the seat while I rode it down our road, it was like christmas morning but Im 48 and Dad Is 71, he did not let go of me and slowly I got better until it came to down hills and I kept getting off and walking down I came of quite a few times forgetting I was clipped in. The number of nights I cried and kept looking at the pull out clause of Weymouth. 

I like going out for meals and holidays, a bit of reading when i have time. 

  1. When did you do your first multi-sport event and what/where was it?  
  2. I was 48 when I completed my 1st try it was try a tri at Chichester this June 2018

  3. Tell us about your triathlon experience to date? 
  4. I have only completed 3 triathlons – 1st was june sprint pool swim 400m 22mile bike and 5k run – and I loved it  , the swim was funning you swam lengths and each time I came to end of the length I kept waving at my friends who came with me. 

  5. the bike course my chain came off my bike , but i got it back on and the run was ok .

  6. 2nd race was the south-east tri July was standard distance , but the swim got cancelled due to weather so we had a 5k run , 24 mile bike the 10k run,

  7. 3rd race Weymouth 70.3 – swim was not very nice, I got pulled under and had a bit of a panic , but completed it , I loved the bike but forgot I was racing , looking at all the village’s  eating my food,Sean said I was driving miss daisy, and the run was great with everyone out shouting cheers, 

  8. What are your target races for the next couple of seasons? 
  9. Target races – would like to do another 70.3 looking at Stafford but need to get loads more speed on the bike – Portsmouth Coastal half and see if I can under the 2 hours , and Every year I do Endure 24 with my friends. Entered the 16 mile Grim race in December.

  10. Describe your favourite workout? 
  11. My Favourite workout is on a Tuesday night the 3 ladies I run with at joggers, come to my house and we run over Havant thicket/Leigh park gardens in the winter we run with Head torches.

  12. What’s the worst triathlon advice someone ever gave you?                                Worst Advice I have been given – Don’t do it. 
  13. What has been your greatest race experience until today? 

  14. Greatest race experience  Other then Ironman weymouth 70.3 it would be  the IOW challenge (extreme engery)  last year,  The 3 of us had the best weekend, we got lost and ended up getting the prize for most miles, the race was organised and friendly , even the elites had dinner and breakfast with us , chatting and given advice .

  15. Any pre-race rituals? 
  16. Pre- race rituals – not on the day , but the Thursday before I always run the same 3.5 route , what ever I am doing.

  17. What’s your favourite discipline in triathlon and your favourite race distance? 
  18. My favourite discipline would have to be the run at the moment , but I have enjoyed all of them- distance Im not sure yet like to have a go at the standard and 70.3 again,

  19. What advice would you offer to members wanting to improve at triathlon? 
  20. I think best advice I can give is don’t be afraid to ask for help , I was struggling with the swim big time and I asked a old school friend Rachel Fair a Portsmouth Triathlete for help and that’s how I met you lot

  21. Any favourite post-race /training indulgence? 
  22. Post race favourite – Sean always makes me a cheese and pickle sandwich and l little Bottle of prosecco mmmmm!