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If you’d like to pay your club membership the easy way by bank transfer, this can be done by setting up a payee on your online banking (or at the bank branch) as follows:

The membership fees are Individual £22 and Family £27 (up to 4 people in the same household) we do not provide a membership card.

The reference field in the bank transfer must include the payer’s surname and first initial plus one of the following codes.

I (letter I for indigo) Individual membership (rate £22)

F (letter F for Foxtrot) Family membership (rate £27)

For example Mr A Smith Family membership SmithAF

Please e-mail the Membership Secretary if you require a confirmation receipt for your membership payment. Please also e-mail the Membership Secretary if you are renewing your membership and have any changes to your personal details or contact e-mail.

Membership Secretary –
All memberships last for 12 months! so if you are renewing your membership please do so on the anniversary of when you last paid your annual membership fee.

sort code: 40-37-15
account: 21595113
Reference: Use your surname, first initial and membership type