Karen Boltwood

My name is Karen Boltwood, I’m 44years old and live in Southsea with husband Dave, daughter Millie, step daughter Amy and our 2year old rescue dog Pongo.

Sport and music have always featured heavily in my life both through work and pleasure. I’ve worked as a cabaret and tribute singer for the past 21years, travelling all over the UK & Europe and worked in Professional Football for 17years prior to having Millie. Unfortunately, the two don’t tend to mix as early morning training and races aren’t great after late-night finishes. I did manage to do the second Portsmouth Duathlon the morning after a 1am finish in Kent though, but really don’t recommend it!!

I am currently studying to be a Personal Trainer, following on from what I set out to do 25years ago, until football grabbed me and am also receiving vocal coaching for Classical singing. I also work in the office at Wimborne Infant School through the week (term time only!!!)

Spare time is a valuable commodity, so I tend to spend it with the family doing something active like walking Pongo or visiting new places. Training and sleeping get squeezed in where possible

I asked Karen our traditional ‘meet the member’s questions:

Describe your favourite workout?  I love circuits, anything that makes you dread the stairs the next day! A good long distance run too, it helps me think through stuff and get in my zone.

What’s the worst triathlon advice someone ever gave you? Shoot straight…..they thought I was doing a biathlon!!

What has been your greatest race experience until today? Probably completing the Portsmouth Duathlon Series this year and the Windsor Half Marathon

Any pre-race rituals? Porridge, tea and water, plus my trusted warm up

What’s your favourite discipline in triathlon and your favourite race distance? The running. Can’t really answer my favourite distance, but think I’d be comfortable with Olympic
What advice would you offer to members wanting to improve at triathlon? Take advice from people who know. Ask loads of questions, take it seriously and commit to the training
Any favourite post-race /training indulgence?  Tea, cake and a long hot shower!