Junior Section


The club gained the Bronze Tri Mark Accreditation in 2018  and the Junior Section is keen to build on the growth and success of Portsmouth Triathletes, and continue to grow family membership. The now established Junior Section is a key priority for the club to develop further this year.

In accordance with the friendly and sociable nature of Portsmouth Triathletes Club we will be offering our youngsters opportunities to –

* improve their agility and fitness;

* grow their skills in the three disciplines;

* develop resilience in participation;

* foster a sense of health and well-being;

but most of all have a lot of fun and enjoy it.

The Junior Section is accessible to Family members, who fall into the TriStar age ranges.

(Age at the end of the year.)


TriStar 1

TriStar 2

TriStar 3

TriStar Youth


Age 8

Ages 9-10

Ages 11-12

Ages 13-14

Ages 15-16

Ages 17-18

The club is completely inclusive and welcomes all youngsters, whatever their experience, ability or aspiration.


Don’t forget to like our Junior Facebook page to get all the up to date information on our events and sessions.

Please direct any questions you may have to me at juniors@portsmouthtriathletes.co.uk  and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can.

Fran Marshman
Junior Co-ordinator