Elliot Webber

I moved to Southsea about 9 years ago and I am happy to report that it defiantly feels like home now. Happy husband and dog parent. I am new(ish) returner to the world of sport having started Park Run in July 2015.

1 When did you do your first multi-sport event and what/where was it?   My First exposure to multi-sport was Rob Piggot’s Duathlon series in 2016. Race 1 was only my third time on a bike and frankly it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my sporting career.

After that I tackled Waterlooville for my first Triathlon, where I had to walk my bike up most of the hills!

2 Tell us about your triathlon experience to date?  As above, 2016 saw me do my first triathlon, which I followed up with Bognor Sea Sprint (Tribal’s first time running the event and my first open water) and Portsmouth Sprint Tri.

2017 saw me step up to the Olympic Distance at the New Forest Triathlon with the added challenge for my first one being that I landed from Australia less than 10 hours before I headed over the start line. I remember finishing and felling like I was on a boat!

2018’s challenge was Weymouth 1/2 Iron Man. I must admit that this distracted me from my Newsletter duties (hence why you are meeting me – lack of preparedness rather than ego)!

2019: My wife has just given me the nod to step up to the Long Course… So that’ll be “fun”.

3 What are your target races for the next couple of seasons?  I am waiting to find out what our Club backed Full Distance event is for 2019. In addition, I hold out the slimmest hope for a spot in the London Marathon. Finally, I would love to do the Ragnar Relay with a team of like minded loons (Google it and let me know if you are keen!).

4 Describe your favourite workout?  So not really a fan of running or cycling (although I’m starting to get on board with that now), I do love a good sea swim.

I have also started doing Dan Cooper’s strength and conditioning sessions – my first ever core work out which is horrific at the time but satisfying when the pain goes away.

Not really a work out, but one of my favourite things is pace running for other people… so if you are slow enough and you want that elusive pb, give me a shout.

5 What’s the worst triathlon advice someone ever gave you?  Not really advice, but never EVER trust Nigel Donaghy when he says that this is going to be an easy ride.

Seriously though, whilst again not really advice, I remember following Bob Pentland on the bike course at Bognor Triathlon… we both missed a critical turning and added a few extra kms onto the race as well as at least a dozen places! Learn the course and don’t follow anyone!

6 What has been your greatest race experience until today?  My knee jerk reaction was to say crossing the line at Weymouth this year, which was a truly awesome moment with the club support.

However, I realised that whilst that was special, my greatest experience to date was my first Park Run. I used to be a lot heavier and when I started running I couldn’t get to the end of my road without stopping. I started Park Run when I thought I was ready to run the whole 5km… and I did it.

It’s brought home a big realisation that every small victory on the road should be kept hold of

7 Any pre-race rituals?  English breakfast muffins with peanut butter and jam and some rocket fuel strength espresso. I also lay all my gear out on the bed to make sure everything is there before I get ready.

8 What’s your favourite discipline in triathlon and your favourite race distance?  Transition – as some of my friends will testify, I spend a lot of time in there!

Outside of that its probably swimming but with support of club mates and new bike I’m starting to grow the love for the bike (well like not love). Running is probably my strongest discipline… not a fan.

9 What advice would you offer to members wanting to improve at triathlon?  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. I have lost count of the “dumb questions” I have asked on the forum, no matter what the question is, I am always bowled over by the amount of information, support and help that people will offer… typical of the club really.

10 Any favourite post-race /training indulgence? Pizza and anything with peanut butter (not pizza with peanut butter though).