Dan & Fred Marshman

Fred: Southsea, 2 years but park running for 4 years or so, have a twin brother and two lovely parents who are very fit and triathletes. Starting Priory in September, also play badminton, cricket and rugby

Dan: originally Bristol but moved to Portsmouth in 1990 to study economics and have lived here pretty much ever since.

1. When did you do your first multi-sport event and what/where was it?   Fred: I did the Spring Duathlon at Goodwood in 2015, I really enjoyed being supported by everyone whilst running.
Dan: I did my first tri in Portsmouth Sept 2014 but took another two years before braving the next one. I was not at all prepared for the demands of the sea swim , and as I emerged Ursula Andress like from the sea I could tell from the look of concern on the faces of my support team that I did not look in a good way. Ironically I loved the bike section, and although my transitions were slower than some peoples legs I did eventually complete it before the broom wagon could sweep me up, although by then my crew had all gone home!

2. Tell us about your triathlon experience to date?  Fred: I am really proud of the major improvements I have made with my swimming thanks to the lessons I have had with Emma G and working on transitions with Jo.
Dan: I’ve really worked hard on my swimming over the last 6 months to make me more of a complete triathlete. After a winter of lessons and training indoors, I took the plunge into the sea again this summer after the Allez Aqua sessions led by Alex, and Lesley. Suddenly the sea no longer held a fear for me and I’ve really enjoyed open water swimming this summer which culminated in my first sea swim event since 2014 at Bognor when I finally ‘exercised the demons’.

3. What are your target races for the next couple of seasons?  Dan: I never had any intentions of doing anything further than an Olympic, but after Fran finished the Cotswold 113 earlier this year she laid down a challenge that I feel Is impossible not to accept, so will be targeting that for next year.

Fred: I have been trying to hang on to the leader at Junior Parkrun for longer and longer, and I’m hoping to win one before I am too old. Dan: yes you are getting closer and closer so I think you’ll get there soon.

4. Describe your favourite workout?  Fred: Just going out on my new race bike
Dan: Yes, the two of us have had some great rides this summer over the rolling Normandy countryside, It’s my favourite too, particularly, when we pretend to be stars from the Tour and race each other up the hills.
Fred I was Geraint Thomas and Dad was Bob Jungels, Mum was Wout Poels and Arthur got to be Tom Dumoulin but he wasn’t that good because he kept getting punctures so he should have been Romain Bardet really! 

5. What’s the worst triathlon advise someone ever gave you?  Fred: At Goodwood, when they said keep going and I did one lap too many when I should have finished on the bike and started the run… At least I got my money’s worth though! 
Dan: Fran is always playing mind games… but so far I’ve managed to block her out!

6. What has been your greatest race experience until today?  Fred: completing my first triathlon (Bognor)
Dan: There was a 10k patron Saint series last year where I was shadowing my nemesis for a couple of the events but finally chased him down . I was pretty proud of that! [Editor’s Note: you misspelt Inspiration / Running Muse]. 
But seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever surpassed finishing the Dublin marathon. My one-and-only (never again) marathon. 

7. Any pre-race rituals?  Fred: We always have porridge and bagel before a parkrun 
Dan: yes it works for me too.

8. What’s your favourite discipline in triathlon and your favourite race distance?  Fred: I enjoy the bike most, at the moment we don’t get to choose the distance, but I’m looking forward to cycling further. I really enjoyed doing the short randonee in the Isle of Wight
Dan: I think it’s always going to be the run, just because you know you are two thirds of the way through it, and usually that’s the leg I normally make the most gains in.

9. What advice would you offer to members wanting to improve at triathlon?  Fred: listen to what the coaches say, not your parents!
Dan: we are hard taskmasters I know, but you will learn from your masters. As far as advice goes, I guess if you are trying to improve you need to look at your weaknesses, for me it was clearly swimming so that’s where I invested more time. You also need to vary your program, I tend to workout on my own, but know I make the most progress when I join a group and train together.

10. Any favourite post-race /training indulgence? Fred: we like to have a BBQ after a big event
Dan: Yes, I think we have earned that… and maybe a bottle or two out something other than plastic?