Conrad Buttery

About you: (where are you from, years doing tri, family, background, what else do you do outside of tri)

I live in Waterlooville with my lovely wife, apple of my eye daughter and Poppy the Pug.  I’ve been doing Triathlons since 2016.  I served 12 years in the Royal Air Force during which time I did my honours degree in Real Time Computer Systems and then worked at BAESystems.  I now work at Saab Seaeye on software for electric ROVs.  I fly model helicopters and quads (drones) and recently gained my PFCO which allows me to fly commercially.  I love the idea of surfing (I can’t surf) and try to make it to Newquay every year and get thrown around in the great washing machine, allows me to forget everything except the fun of being in/on the lovely Atlantic sea.

  1. When did you do your first multi-sport event and what/where was it?  My first Triathlon was Chichester Sprint in 2016.
  2. Tell us about your triathlon experience to date? Started with Sprint and then Standard Triathlons at Chichester, Lake Triathlons and Portsmouth Sprint Tri, was looking forward to doing the Portsmouth Standard Tri this year – that will have to wait till next year.  This year I’ve had an eye on the Weymouth half Ironman – I did the Southampton half marathon, Isle Of Wight Randonee and recently the Mega Meon Sportive – Epic (100 mile) distance.  I’ve never run or cycled these distances before, I’ve surprised myself with what I’ve achieved this year so far ….  I can’t shake off minor niggles/injuries I’ve picked up since the half marathon though.
  3. What are your target races for the next couple of seasons? My target is uping to Middle distance – I like the idea of Swashbuckler, heard really good reports on this one and  Middle distance Weymouth and then maybe half Ironman Weymouth.  It really depends on other life/family/work commitments.  Next event, I’m liking the idea of the Arundel Triathlon, bike route is nice…
  4. Describe your favourite workout? Jeez that’s a tough one, I like the spring spin sessions, Tuesdays Sea swims, Nigels bike rides and the track sessions (when I’m not injured) but it has to be the Wednesday evening pool sessions, it’s varied, not weather dependent and is good for all year all round fitness.
  5. What’s the worst triathlon advise someone ever gave you?Hmmm, nope not had any.  
  6. What has been your greatest race experience until today? Every Cross Country race, Duathlon, Triathlon, Randonee and Sportive – they are all equal to me. 
  7. Any pre-race rituals? Gotta go to the toilet…
  8. What’s your favourite discipline in triathlon and your favourite race distance? Tough that one.  I like bike and swimming equally, if I was pushed it would be cycling, only because it’s both scary and exhilarating in equal measure – well it is the way I cycle ;).
  9. What advice would you offer to members wanting to improve at triathlon? Be organised.  Listen to others, yet make your own mind up.  In the off season concentrate on your weakest discipline, go to the clubs organised sessions – I’ve learnt loads going to these.
  10. Any favourite post-race /training indulgence? Costa salted caramel muffin thingy hmmmmm.