Club Turbo Trainers

Club Turbo trainers available for hire to members of Portsmouth Triathletes

The club has five turbo trainers (Make is Elite Crono Fluid Elastogel) that the Management Committee has decided to make available to members for hire (subject to the requirements of any club official training sessions). When these were purchased they each had a mat and riser block (to keep the front wheel at the same height as the rear) but currently only two mats and three blocks are available. So the hire price format will be:


Trainer, block & Mat

Trainer & block

Trainer only

1 week




2 weeks




3 weeks





An old blanket or rug will do in lieu of the proper mat or you might not need any floor covering. Blocks can be improvised with books, bricks etc.

Hire period will be extendable providing there is no waiting list. Payment is required in advance, preferably by transfer into the club account (details will be provided when hiring), or cash. I’d rather not have to handle cheques for such small amounts.


The trainers come with their own skewer (which you will need to use instead of the quick release skewer on your rear wheel).  You might wish to consider buying a specific turbo trainer tyre to avoid wear to your normal tyre, although experience varies with different trainers and tyres.

Each trainer comes with set up booklet and I can give you quick run through, if required, if you have not used one before. There are lots of useful “Basics” videos on YouTube of which this is one:


If you are interested please contact me on FB Messenger, or email to or speak to me directly.

Paul Carter