Chichester Iron & Half-Iron Lake Swim 2018

Last weekend saw the Team Tribal lake swim at Chichester Water Sports Centre, which had 2 lengths to choose half ironman and full ironman distance swim. I settled for full distance (2.4miles) which seemed like a good idea at the time to challenge myself and get ready to do a full ironman next year.

Weather was good on the Sunday morning after what had been some thunder storms and rain the previous days. So we all turned up for registration at 8am and joined the queue to get in and register. It was good to see so many people there, far more than I thought would be there. We were given our swim hats and told what wave we would be starting in and our numbers were drawn on our hand

After registering and getting wetsuits on we had our safety briefing which was a little later than expected as it took longer to get everyone booked in. This gave time for nerves to start kicking in as I had never swam that far before and was my first real swim since Weymouth last year.

It was then time to start so we were all called in waves down to the water, as it was water start we all had to be in the water. This was the first time I had done this with lots of others around me.

It was then go time….with everyone going off at once;this was the fun bit with arms and legs everywhere. I got kicked in the face, punched in the back of my head and swam over all within a small space of time. With this I backed off to give myself a little bit of space. This for me helped as I had clear water but did slow my time down but to be honest I just wanted to get around the lake. I had to stop and tread water a few times to sort goggles out as in the start they did move and let in water.

First lap for me was a real struggle but got around it ok, the second lap felt a lot easier. After the second lap I was in new territory as I had never swam this far before, but I was feeling good and kept going. I was starting to enjoy it. Then going on to my 4th lap I was thinking I am going to do this. The last lap was the best one apart from starting to feel hungry. All I could think was how could I take food with me to eat on the swim.

Then I looked up and could see the slipway to the finish. I swam up to it and saw Darin Mccloud stood in water, I stood up and got a massive hug from him and a well done, which was very welcome.

I really enjoyed the event never thought I would have swam that far.  Felt very safe in the water at all times with lots of safety canoes and paddle boarders about. The only down side I would have said was with the food after as they were only serving bacon sandwiches which was no good for me. But that’s only a small thing.

Now that is done I know I can swim 2.4 miles and ride 112 miles and I have done a few marathons just need to put them all together for ironman next year.