Carol Tolfrey

About You: Born Tresco Isles of Scilly 20thJune 1945
  1. Tell us about your sporting experience before finding the world of Triathlon? I did eight marathons  and goodness knows how many events     like the Grizzly and Meon valley plod and loads of half marathons and ten mile and ten k races before at the age of 62 I decided there were no more PB’s in me so I would try triathlons.
  2. What / where was your first multi-sport event? My first tri was at Crawley and it was a pool snake swim and a very hilly off road run and as I came in to the finish I was in tears and this was on an old mountain bike.
  3. Any race recommendations for the members? I did Hart Tri several times which is a great one for newbies I also did the ladies only one at Dorney Lake that I really enjoyed.
  4. Any pre-race rituals? I always have 2 shredded wheats – nothing fancy but it gets the job done.
  5. What has been your biggest challenge to date? I got carried away with myself and entered the Cowman half ironman at Milton Keynes. I was a very slow swimmer at the time I got a panic attack and did the whole swim in breast stroke which took me ages so by the time I got on the bike I was pretty knackered and at 45 miles they advised me to stop I was so upset with myself and have always wished I could of finished it.
  6. How did you bounce back and what do you think about in the races you take part in now? I decided after the Cowman that I had to get much better at open water swimming… although my first reaction was wetsuit and bike for sale . I must say I always think about getting to the finish line.
  7. What do you enjoy most about the sport?Triathlon is such a friendly sport much better than just running.
  8. Any words of wisdom for anyone thinking about getting started at Triathlon? I’m 72 years old so there’s hope for anyone!!
  9. What have you got planned for the season ahead? Any races / targets / goals? I’m doing the Bournemouth pier to pier swim in July and they are featuring me on their face book page. I’m sure this because I’m old [Editor’s note “its not that its because your awesome!”]
  10. Any favourite post-race /training indulgence Chips and more chips!