Austin Carroll

About You:

I am 39, married with one diva princess/daughter nearly four. I love living on the South coast and really enjoy taking full advantage of all the amenities we are lucky to enjoy – the sea, Farlington marshes, QE Country Park.

  1. At what age did you do your first multi-sport event and what/where was it? My first multisport event was last year when I was entered into a David Lloyd sprint Triathlon at 38. I wasn’t intending on doing it – I told a running friend I would love to try it when chatting over the Christmas and then he knocked on my door in January and told me he signed me up I just had to pay him…. It terrified me the idea I could drown.
  2. Tell us about your triathlon experience to date? What are your major accomplishments? I recently did the swashbuckler this year and it was my first middle distance. I am so proud of myself to have been able to start my journey towards ironman and so far not have had a bad experience in a triathlon. Don’t get me wrong I have missed the odd turn in a sprint triathlon and ended up doing an extra lap or dropped all my energy gels/bars from my pockets whilst mid-pee during transition, but I have been told this happens……! Does it? 
  3. What are your target races for the next couple of seasons? I think because triathlons and triathlon training has so many different facets its given me an opportunity to enter different types of races. I have some half marathons and marathons to enter this year in Dublin and Portsmouth, a 3.9km swim in Plymouth, a half Ironman in Weymouth and a few other smaller races in between. I think I have signed myself up to training towards a channel swim next year but I think you need to ask Heather…. I’m not sure!
  4. Describe your favourite workout. Anything really so long as it has a purpose. I like the discipline of trying to have a goal with each session. If I am running I like to implement sprints, if it’s swimming I’ll practice technique or breathing and cycling is aiming for a hill session or maybe a sprint session on a spin bike. I don’t have a particular strength so I try to be flexible and work to my weakness.
  5. What’s the worst triathlon advice someone ever gave you? None so far, its all been good. With the knowledge and experience in the club I have had an abundance of well-seasoned triathletes, swimmers and cyclists helping me prepare. I think anything that’s gone wrong has really just been down to a lack of experience. 
  6. What has been your greatest race experience until today? The Swashbuckler, absolutely unreal. The feeling of completing a middle distance triathlon has made me so confident to keep on moving forward.
  7. Any pre-race rituals? Eat porridge, listen to Duran Duran while dancing about an hour before a race … those are the times I get hungry like the wolf (any of our younger readers will have to google that one). 
  8. What’s your favourite discipline in triathlon and your favourite race distance? I’m still new to it all so nothing has emerged as a winner just yet. I am a novice runner with two years experience and triathlons only a year. I think I like the longest distance I can sign up for as I like to think I am moving forward to my ultimate goal of successful completion of an Ironman.
  9. What advice would you offer to members who wish to improve in the sport of triathlon? I’d give the same advice about triathlons as I’d give about life in general – recognize when you are around people who have greater knowledge than you and learn from their example and advice.  That’s pretty much my improvement strategy down pat!  Last but not least, enjoy the moment.  Don’t beat yourself up about a ‘bad’ race, stay calm and recognize what you can learn from the mistakes you made and enjoy the achievement regardless.  
  10. Any favourite post-race /training indulgence? One of my running friends’ wife makes up these amazing bath salts.  No matter how wrecked I might be, a hot bath with lots of these salts thrown in and soon enough I am ready to go again.