Junior Gallery

Training Session 3.3.19 Bransbury Park

The youngsters practiced their transition skills. It was great to see their progress, running with the bike, scooting and perfecting mounts and dismounts. They’ll be putting adults to shame at Goodwood!

Training Session 3.2.19 Wimbledon Park

The youngsters had  a brilliant time. They completed the same circuit drills from their last session, aiming to improve their scores on each activity. The youngsters showed great resilience when completing tasks out of their comfort zone and all of them achieved better scores than previously on  the different activities.

Christmas Party 2.12.18

The Juniors enjoyed an active Christmas Party. They played games including pass the parcel and wrapped Santa’s water bottle shaped presents, taking them on an obstacle course.

The party concluded with food of course – well all that exercise builds healthy appetites!