Alex Higgins


I moved from rugby to cycling and then into triathlon following one too many injuries.  Along with my wife, Carla, I’ve been a member of the club for 4 years and love the welcoming atmosphere, whatever your aims.

Now qualified as one of the coaches I now enjoy that aspect as much as taking part in individual events.

I like where the sport takes you and don’t have a favourite discipline; it’s too difficult to choose when you have to try and compare a Mediterranean sunrise swim, to cycling through Galway, to the challenge of running (crawling) up Ben Nevis.

Aims for thisy ear:
Complete IM Lanzarote and one other (TBC)
Finish a middle distance triathlon in less than 5:30

Have a summer holiday!

James Douglas

Vice Chairman

I am passionate about the club and the magnificent friendships that have resulted from being a member.

I am a supporter of everyone at every level on whatever event. Usually found zooming around on my bike supporting / heckling club-mates at races, my training can bear be described as spontaneous with little time for detailed plans.

Whilst not the biggest fan of running, I will do what it takes to perform on the day… I have even been known to dress up as a woman and don my trainers in order to get a better time (further explanations will require the purchase of a drink).

Aims for this year:
After completing my first 70.3 IRONMAN at Weymouth last year I’d like to return and achieve a PB. The aim is to get a PB at Weymouth Aiming for a full iron distance.

Andy Elder


I have been a club member for 5 years and have previously been Chairman for 2 years. I am delighted to be back with the committee now serving as Secretary where I am responsible for ensuring the efficient administration of the club and stewardship of the new constitution.

If you have any questions about our professional affiliations or queries about the rules or triathlon please let me know.

Aims for this year:
Complete my first and last marathon and to spend less time in transition.

Paul Carter


Hi, the Lesser Spotted Treasurer here- a small furry creature (well not that furry actually) fond of scampering about the countryside gathering nuts and medals. An average cyclist and slow swimmer who sometimes responds to the call of “Filo” (First in, last out) when in the water.

Okay enough of the silly stuff.  8 years a member, and now in 4th year as Treasurer. It’s a pleasure to be able to interact with a group of such positive minded individuals, and be inspired by talented athletes and those overcoming personal challenges. It’s fair to say that in my tenure I have not innovated much and have generally erred on the side of caution with a view to consolidating the club’s funds. With the club putting on major events there is always a considerable element of financial risk. Nevertheless myself and the rest of the Committee are always open to ideas on how to use our resources and we would all like to see more members getting involved in helping to run and support the club’s activities etc and communicating their ideas and views.

As much as I revel in the opportunities for outdoor exertion I do sometimes feel a sense of overindulgence or guilt about the demands a three pronged sport makes on the resources of communities, especially on this crowded island. We are lucky indeed to be living in such affluent times, relatively speaking, for most of us.

Aims for this year:
To overcome my present injury and stay injury free

Elliot Webber

Communications Officer

I am a late arriver to triathlon and running. 2 and a half years ago, I was 5 stone heavier and not able to run much beyond the end of the road.

This year, I have completed my first marathon, my first 2 Olympic distance tris, my 100th Park Run and my first ultra marathon.

I view myself as a pretty good runner (getting worse the longer the distance), a middle of the road swimmer and a truly terrible cyclist… Triathlon is definitely the right sport for me!

Aims for this year:
Complete my first 70.3 at Weymouth
Become a less dire cyclist
and learn to change a tire.
Learn how to spell triathlon without the aid of spellchecker.

Piotr Meller

Events Manager

Called by many names, but don’t struggle to pronounce it correctly, just call him Pete.

33 years young, avid junior cyclist, single!!! (Marta is his sister, not his wife! :P)

Triathlete since 2014, Portsmouth Triathletes member since 2015, IRONMAN since September 2017! 😀 Previous Communication Officer for the club, a role that gave me great experience, now setting up new targets as Events Manager.

Goal-driven team player who loves competition and always gives 100% in whatever I’m doing, loves to challenge myself to do “im”possible things (at first;), chef who doesn’t like cooking, but loves to eat to much, unfulfilled artistic talent, on my journey to become an Ironman Champion.

Aim for this year:
My 2018 goal is to improve swimming, get 70.3 PB around 4:30 and get to Polish National Team.

Samantha Wood

Triathlon Development Officer

I’m back! I took up Triathlon in the year 2000 (reminds me of a song!) because as a distance runner in the Army at the time I had one too many knee injuries resulting in surgery – cue more cycling and swimming! I like most, fell in love with the sport and never looked back, representing the Army at all distances of Duathlon and Triathlon and also qualifying as an age grouper.

When I eventually left the Army, my new career and having 3 children took over so I sold my bike and concentrated on running for a while. The kids are now at school, I work more locally and that spells come back time for me! I’m loving being part of the Portsmouth Triathlon community, and with my son about to join as he soon turns 8, I am excited to be part of the team that develops the success and awareness of our fantastic club and sport. I always have been all or nothing…..

Aims for this year:
Improve my swimming – it’s my weakest discipline.
I have 3 A races next year, Leeds (Olympic), Marlow and Weymouth (both 70.3) and the aim is to qualify as an age grouper and complete both middle distances in sub 5 hours

Lesley Quiney

Coaching & Training, Pool Swimming Coordinator,

Started Triathlon three years ago just before my 50th birthday on a whim, my back ground is Horses and Mountain biking, since then I have competed in Sprint, Standard and middle distance races.

I became a Level Two Triathlon coach earlier this year, I am completely hooked. A whim has turned into a way of life and a wonderful life it is proving to be.

Aims for next year:
Next year sees me and 6 others training for an English Channel relay attempt, there are 6 swimming and 1 reserve. Our slot is 18-25th August so all training this year will centre around this so with that in mind I will be doing the ‘Swashbuckler’ in May then swim, swim, swim until after the channel, then I am hoping to travel to Arizona to compete in the ‘Tempe’ 70.3 on 22nd October (Ulterior motive my brother lives in Arizona so family visit as well).

Louise Miller

Membership Secretary

I am Lou (only Louise when I am I trouble) a full time working mum, owner of two Staffordshire bull terriers and two cats and a patient husband. I’m a lover of life and all things fabulous.

I decided to do my first Tri in 2014 before I was 45, I couldn’t swim properly so I took swimming lessons and joined Portsmouth Triathletes and the rest they say is history!

The swim is my weakest discipline other two I scrape by its all about being in the moment and pushing your own boundaries and enjoying it. Work hard play hard.

Aims for this year:
My challenge for 2018 is to complete Weymouth 70.3 my first Ironman event.

Carla Higgins

Social Secretary

Started to dabble in triathlon in 2012 and has been hooked, if not slightly obsessed) since. Now an IRON(WO)MAN and an Ultra Marathon Survivor.

Made in the Royal Navy, I have experience with organising social events for all ages (mental & physical) and loves a good party! I’m now very much looking forward to the year ahead and building on last the successes of last year in fulfilling the role of the “Minister of Fun” for my second family, Portsmouth Triathletes!

Aims for this year:
Qualify to represent GBR

Kevin McTaggart

Welfare Officer

First Triathlon at 56 years old, never too late to learn…and I am still learning ! I normally stick to Sprints and do about 5 a year. Very interested in the junior section and help whenever I can.

I am a qualified Lifeguard and have completed the Leadership in Running course run by England Athletics.

Aims for this year:
Wake up with a pulse (always a bonus)
I will target Hart, Fareham and Chichester (longer one) Triathlons. I will finish at Petersfield.
I also want to do a new one, so I will be on the look out for a good venue.

Fran Marshman

Junior Section Coordinator

I am a working mum of 11 year old twins, originally from the South West, but have been in Portsmouth for nearly 20 years.

I fit my training in and around my family life and find rest days of any description very challenging! I have been taking part in multi-sport events since 2014 when my husband challenged me to complete a Triathlon.

I love the bike, hate the run.

Aims for this year:
I am aiming to complete my first 70.3 event in 2018.