Sam Burton

About You: 

I’m Sam. I’m 31 and I’m Pompey born and bred. 

I’m a teaching assistant who work with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours. 

I read, a lot. I watch TV more than I should. I don’t drink nearly enough coffee and whiskey. 

  1. Tell us about your sporting experience to date? As a kid I hated sport, I actively avoided P.E. in school (I was very good at that!) 
  2. I cycled, but only as transport. 

  3. When I was 18 I started doing karate, I really enjoyed that! 

  4. Turns out it wasn’t sport I disliked, just working as a team. 

  5. At what age did you do your first trip? What was it? I’m quite new to the world of tri. In fact I’ve only done one triathlon, Pompey’s own back in September. I was prepared on the training side of things but not on the race day prep. On my way down to the registration I got a puncture, with no spare tyres and no cash in my bag it was my tri friends I turned to, with the Pentlands saving me with a loan and the bike fixer sorting out my tyre I was good to go. 
  6. What made you join Portsmouth Triathletes? Pompey Tri has been part of my life for years. My dad first joined about 5 years ago when he was looking for a multi sport club. 
  7. Although it was only my dad competing the whole family was welcomed in. My brother, my mum and I became avid cheerers. I’m sure some of you will remember us around the coffee cup with pom poms and the like. 

  8. After I lost a chunk of weight I wanted to build up my fitness, about this time last year my dad said I should join the early morning swims. Well.. The rest is history. 

  9. What races / targets have you got for the season? I haven’t got many things booked in race wise at the moment, the aquathlons down at Hilsea, the rainbow challenge and the Great South run are booked in. The Pompey Tri and the Chimney pot Challenge are going on there too. 
  10. My main goals this year are to do sub 30 min park runs regularly and to swim to the pier and back.

  11. Any pre-race rituals? Hmmm, pre race… Pack bag, Try not to forget anything, Realise I’ve forgotten something, Do race!
  12. What has been your greatest race experience until now? And have you got any “must do’s” on the calendar each year? I think my favourite wasn’t actually racing but when I marshalled at Goodwood Duathlon. 
  13. The teamwork from everyone on the setup was superb and even though the weather was not the best spirits we’re high! 

  14. Next year I plan to race at Goodwood and see it from the other side. 

  15. What’s your favourite discipline in triathlon and your favourite race distance? Cycle. Defiantly cycle. I’ve just done 2 100kms in the last month, round the isle of white and ride the night in London. 
  16. The island was tough, all them hills! But what goes up must come down and the down was worth it. 

  17. What is your biggest challenge to date? The Great South run was my hardest and my furthest distance to date. I really struggle with running and I was nervous about it. 
  18. Lots of training and support plus some great cheering from the family and I got through to the end in a better time than I hoped. 

  19. What do you enjoy most about the sport? I love the people, I’ve made some great friends and had some wonderful experiences. And cycling round lots of lovely places. 
  20. Any favourite post-race /training indulgence? A warm bath and a day off from training.