Portsmouth Triathlon 2018

Regrettably we have to announce that the Portsmouth Triathlon 2018 will not take place.

Despite working with the council, the significantly increased charges for this closed road event have made it unaffordable to both competitors and the club.

It has been suggested that we can request a reduction in these charges, but as time draws on a combination of delays caused by the local elections and miscommunications have meant that we have not been able to achieve this in time for the 2018 event, but will look to gain support for this in 2019.

Apologies to all those who have been asking about this popular event.  We were hoping that we could get discussions completed in time to run the race, but we have now passed all of our deadlines and must admit that it will not be possible to get everything in place in time.  

If you have won a place at this year’s event, then please contact us and this can be put towards one of our events in 2019.

Thank you for your support.  We will keep you informed on how preparations progress for future events.

Kind Regards

Alex Higgins

Chairman Portsmouth Triathletes