31 Things To-Do 2019

Why not start the year with some fun goals to help keep you motivated and so you achieve more in 2019, while being supportive and social with your club?


  1. Do a triathlon;
  2. Complete 5 km in one of the triathlon disciplines;
  3. Complete 10 km in one of the triathlon disciplines;
  4. Complete 21 km in one of the triathlon disciplines;
  5. Volunteer at your club event;
  6. Volunteer at a sea swim session;
  7. Bake for your tribe;
  8. Complete a sportive;
  9. Learn some basic (or not so basic) bike maintenance;
  10. Support someone else at an event;
  11. Watch a sunrise whilst swimming, cycling or running;
  12. Watch a sunset whilst swimming, cycling or running;
  13. Arrange a fun activity with your tribe;
  14. Do something that scares you;
  15. Run in another county or country;
  16. Swim in a lido;
  17. Wild swim – safely ? ;
  18. Run on a sports track;
  19. Do an aquathlon;
  20. Complete a brick session: Swim to run;
  21. Complete a brick session: Bike to run;
  22. Run cross-country;
  23. Get to grips with cleats;
  24. Complete a 3-hour turbo session;
  25. Join a beach clean
  26. Complete a naked race (watch free!);
  27. Complete a skins swim;
  28. Go on a swimming, cycling or running adventure;
  29. Race your heart out, at least once;
  30. Surprise yourself;
  31. Celebrate (with) your tribe.

Let’s see who can finish this list first? Once you finish, add your comments to this list and send it to Comms@portsmouthtriathletes.co.uk and we will contact you back to hear the full story.